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Winter is Coming - Time to Winterize Your Skin!

Ramp up for the Holidays with a little Self Love.

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The holidays challenge our skin by overindulging in rich foods, sweets and alcohol. The holidays also create stress which can wreak havoc on skin that’s already dealing with biting dry cold and moisture-zapping centralized heat.

Just when you want to look your best for parties, here comes the storm...

But, we have a secret for you...

Add the Green II Gold® RX3 Restoring Serum
to your skincare routine.

  • Using it twice a day will leave the skin radiant with the seasonal glow we are all seeking!
  • Treating yourself to some resurfacing or micro-needling this season? RX3 will get you back on track and to the party looking your best! It reduces the downtime to hours vs days of hiding out while your skin heals.

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RX3 Restoring Serum - Fortifies, Rebalances and Calms stressed out skin!

Barrier fortification by extremophile, Ectoin thrives in the sub-zero temps of the Antarctic as well as in the sweltering heat of the Sahara. Ectoin deeply hydrates, reduces irritation, protects from pollution and brightens.

Super-powers of redness relief from super fruit cherimola flower, an adaptogenic fruit that rebalances skin and locks out stress!

Multi-dimensional hyaluronic acids work like magic to moisturize and fortify the skin from within, providing long lasting moisture and suppleness and banishing dry, chapped winter skin. Clinical studies reveal an average 155% increase in skin moisture within 1 hour and continues to provide moisture for 24 hours.

Ceramide NP restores the protective barrier, reduces TEWL (skin water loss), and helps bind moisture within the skin.

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The results are quickly visible!


After receiving Micro Needling Treatment, before applying RX3 Restoring Serum...


30 minutes after application of RX3 Restoring Serum


After receiving Laser Resurfacing Treatment, before applying RX3 Restoring Serum...


60 minutes after application of RX3 Restoring Serum

Clinically-proven relief and protection!

Scientifically advanced, this serum combines hemp-derived CBDermaPRO Complex with clinically-proven botanicals to reduce redness, soothe irritation, rehydrate, and restore your skin’s protective barrier.

Today’s common skin treatments have varying levels of disruption to the dermal layers and biome. This disruption often results in the skin becoming red, irritated, and generally more sensitive. Some treatments can also leave the skin vulnerable to infection causing more damage and potentially longer healing time.

With the application of RX3 Restoring Serum post treatment there is a reduction of redness to help calm irritation, and begin to restore surface balance. RX3 can assist in kick starting the healing process so you can get the most out of your treatment and maximize long term support for healthy skin growth and balance.

Woman in the Snow

Here’s what real customers have to say about RX3 Restoring Serum:

" As a horse trainer my skin takes a beating from sun and wind. This product helped calm, moisturize, and immediately gave me a healthy glow. I like that it is plant based without toxic ingredients and animal friendly! ” -CH

" As a spa owner I have tried a lot of products. In just a quick demo I was surprised at how much more even my skin tone appeared and how less red one hand was from the other ” -LS

" Love the RX3 for my clients after waxing. No burning, feels great, and no breakouts! " -MM

" As a licensed cosmetologist I have used and sold countless skincare products. I suffer from rosacea and in the last few years have developed small bumps that will not go away. If I treat them aggressively I can flare up my rosacea. Three days of using the RX3 and my redness is gone and my skin is clear and bump free! Was it just the CBD or the combination of ingredients? Not sure but I was stunned by how well this worked. " -GM

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Buy Today and get the RX3 Restoring Serum for $44 Per Bottle When You Buy 2!