Calm & Bright Duo



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Calm and care for your skin throughout the holidays! This super duo is armed with our powerful RX3 Restoring Serum, helping to combat and calm any redness and irritation, often a side effect of this change in season. While our Revitalizing Eye Serum will nourish and care for your most delicate skin to help keep those dark circles at bay while you cheer's to wonderful festive season!

This kit includes:

RX3 Restoring Serum: Our RX3 serum contains clinically-proven botanicals to reduce redness, soothe irritation, rehydrate, and restore your skin's protective barrier.

Revitalizing Eye Cream: Lightweight and energizing, this cream combines the power of hemp-derived CBDermaPRO Complex with fortifying phytonutrients to reduce puffiness and brighten eyes for a rested, youthful appearance.