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Beat Mask Fatigue with FUSION Flex Technology

Our sister company Hemp Black was born from a desire to benefit both people and the planet through innovative hemp-based technologies. Featuring our antimicrobial HEMP BLACK / fusion, our face coverings reduces mask fatigue, such as acne, mask breath and face chafe thanks to compounds in our hemp extract which have anti-inflammatory and odor eliminating mechanisms.

  • Made with zero waste Made with Zero Waste
  • Odor Eliminating Odor Eliminating
  • Made in USA Made in USA
Ananda Professional Full Spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Infused Textiles

Hemp Extract Infused Textiles

HEMP BLACK / element is a strategically engineered fiber that introduces Ananda's full spectrum hemp flower extract into the garment. This is structurally different than other top-coat antimicrobial materials that have recently emerged in the hemp oil space in a significant way. Those garments go through a spray/coat process, allowing the antimicrobial effects to quickly wash out. Similar to Cupron Copper, Hemp Black technology embeds hemp flower extract into the DNA of the fiber. The antimicrobial performance lasts for the lifetime of the garment.

"My employees wear the Hemp Black mask exclusively, and use it as a selling point. I also gave their children a one. We find that people see the mask, and ask questions. When we explain the features it becomes an easy sale.

We briefly explain the structure of the mask and the anti-microbial properties. Then we pitch the mask as being extremely comfortable and breathable, making it the perfect mask for those who must wear one for extended periods."

Jim Frost
NationalRx | Knoxville TN

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