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We Are Pioneering Practitioners and Scientists

Committed to Research, Innovation and Customer Wellbeing


Invested in research to advance the clinical evidence of hemp extract


Experts in hemp seed genetics since 1996, farming and harvesting right here in the USA


Quality, safety, and potency checkpoints, in addition to the highest lab-testing standards in the industry

From Farm to Pharmacy

Vertical integration guarantees complete quality control from seed to shelf. We check every seed, every bottle - every time.

Why Trust Your Pharmacist

As a licensed medical professional, your pharmacist is in the unique position to offer expert guidance, suggest companion products, and tailor a custom regimen that suits your individual needs.

"Our job is to educate the patient and maximize their results. Every person is biochemically and genetically different and that is why teaching dosing, drug interactions and side effects is so important."

TW Taylor
Williamsburg Drug Co | Williamsburg, VA