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Grown with sustainable growing practices
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The Best Agricultural Growing Conditions

Producing the highest quality hemp that thrives takes more than ideal weather conditions. It's an ecosystem and perfect harmony of humidity, temperature, nutrient-rich soil, and sunshine that only exists in one latitudinal region across the globe. Or in more scientific terms:

From Latitude 27 to Latitude 39

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Our Selected Publications

Antibacterial properties of hemp hurd powder against E. coli

Consumer and health-related traits of seed from selected commercial and breeding lines of industrial hemp, Cannabis sativa L.

Activated carbon derived from bio-waste hemp hurd and retted hemp hurd for CO2 adsorption

Hemp hurd derived activated carbon for CO2 adsorption

Developmental Plasticity of the Major Alkyl Cannabinoid Chemotypes in a Diverse Cannabis Genetic Resource Collection

Complex Patterns of Cannabinoid Alkyl Side-Chain Inheritance in Cannabis

A Belated Green Revolution for Cannabis: Virtual Genetic Resources to Fast-Track Cultivar Development

Genotype X environment interaction of temperate and tropical industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) varieties with effect on phenology and growth

Dedicated international-quality Cannabis seed-bank facilities for ex situ genetic resource conservation at Southern Cross Plant Science

Commercial breeding and selection of low THC Cannabis sativa L. for sub-tropical environments

Cannabis Genomics - Advances and Applications - Curation and Data Management for Cannabis Germplasm and Use of XP-GWAS to Unravel Chemical Diversity

Genetics by environment interactions of temperate and tropical industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L) varieties: phenological and cannabinoid responses to nitrogen, day length

The cannabinoid profile and growth of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is influenced by tropical daylengths and temperatures, genotype and nitrogen nutrition

Morpho-physiology and cannabinoid concentrations of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) are affected by potassium fertilisers and microbes under tropical conditions