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Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 30-count - 15mg per Serving


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Enjoy the potency of our full spectrum CBD oil flavor free

Full spectrum CBD softgels offer the same great formulation as our CBD Full Spectrum Oils and tinctures in a convenient, easy-to-swallow softgel. Each CBD softgel is an exact dose of 15mg, which eliminates the CBD dosage guessing game. CBD Softgels are ideal for those new to CBD, people on the go, or those who are looking for the precision, discretion, and convenience of a capsule or pill.

Each full spectrum CBD softgel contains THC. For those sensitive to THC or looking for a THC-free alternative, try our broad spectrum CBD softgels.

  • Certified glyphosate-free Glyphosate-Free
  • Lab Tested Lab Tested
  • 100% Non-GMO 100% Non-GMO

CBD Softgels vs. CBD Tinctures

Both styles of CBD products (softgels and tinctures) are made from the same batch of Ananda's full spectrum hemp extract - the only significant difference lies in how they are used, making that which is better a matter of personal preference. Additionally, in contrast to tinctures, softgels take longer to come on, with a prolonged window of efficacy.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

How much CBD is in a CBD Softgel?

Each softgel contains 15mg of active cannabinoids and is available in 30 or 60 count serving sizes. We also offer a Zero THC softgel formulation (full spectrum CBD without the THC = broad spectrum CBD) available only in 30 counts.

Why take CBD Softgels?

'CBD softgel' generally refers to a carrier oil (MCT, hemp seed oil, olive oil, etc.) blended with either one or many cannabinoids. 'CBD softgels' is the overarching category of hemp derived CBD in an ingestible pill, capsule, or softgel format.

However, this is only a vague description, and CBD softgel products vary significantly in their ingredients and effectiveness.

Ananda Professional CBD softgels consists of cold-pressed hemp seed oil (pressed in-house from our very own hemp seeds), and our full spectrum hemp extract. Our softgels stand in a league of their own, providing your body with many hemp-based nutrients such as:

  • Cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBC, CBG, CBDV)
  • Terpenes (myrcene, limonene, pinene, linalool, b-caryophyllene, terpinene, eucalyptol)
  • Flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, kaempferol, quercetin, and cannflavin A and B)
  • Alkamides (immune-stimulating molecules)

These healthful substances exist only in real full spectrum CBD - not CBD isolate. CBD isolate lacks the heralded 'entourage effect.' This term was created by Ralph Mechoulam (the first person to isolate CBD and THC from cannabis) to illustrate the 2 + 2 = 5 effect, which occurs as a result of ingesting multiple cannabinoids simultaneously.

CBD isolate most often the result of an involved extraction process that necessitates the use of petroleum-based solvents (primarily pentane), resulting in a white crystalline powder that is 99.9% CBD. While, in theory, this may sound like the ultimate way of taking CBD, it is comparable to eating ascorbic acid in place of an orange."

Are CBD softgels for me?

CBD Softgels are ideal for those new to CBD, people on the go, or those who are looking for the precision, discretion, and convenience of a capsule or pill.

Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Ananda Professional Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Dosage varies greatly for each individual. It is necessary to find the dosage that is right for you. We suggest starting with one softgel in the evening, preferably with food. Monitor how you feel for a day or two at this dose. If you feel you need more, you can take another softgel 12 hours later. Softgels can be taken in the morning or evening, or both.