Eat What You Want to this Holiday- Ground Breaking Semaglutide Alternative is a Game Changer

Find out how you can keep enjoying all of the delicious foods this holiday will bring!


Maintaining your weight is hard, especially during the holidays- does losing weight seem impossible? Are you too busy to work out, sick of restrictive diets? Do you just want to enjoy your meal??

We’ve got a secret for you.

Try GluNOzymTM, its nature's weight control.


GluNOzymTM is a clinically-proven, natural pre-meal gummy that allows you to enjoy your food, guilt-free. Featuring ReducoseTM, a white mulberry extract that works by blocking the absorption of sugars and starches and helping to:

  • Lower your glycemic index, no sugar crash!
  • Induce the ileal brake and make you feel fuller, faster!
  • Decrease your appetite for your next meal!
  • Waiting to eat “until the pill kicks in”
  • Paying $1000s per month
  • Sacrificing the foods you love

One Gummy, while eating, less than $0.67 per meal!

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"Started taking this before a series of holiday meals/parties. Definitely noticed a difference in post meal energy levels and feel much less of a crash. Like the idea of it being a natural product. Will continue through Christmas parties to come!" -AJ

How it works:

Modern diets simply have too many carbohydrates in them. These carbs are turned into glucose in our gut and then are absorbed into our bloodstream. The faster carbs are broken down and turned into glucose, the faster and higher our blood glucose levels rise. This steep rise can cause a steep drop - often referred to as the sugar crash. This glucose rollercoaster can have significant impacts on our well-being.

Reducose®, a water extract from the white mulberry plant, promotes healthy blood glucose levels by tricking enzymes into thinking they are breaking down carbohydrates, when in reality, they are engaging Reducose®. This allows the carbohydrates to slip past, making their way to the small intestines.

The undigested carbohydrates make us feel fuller and feed our microbiome. Then Reducose® is released and exits the body quickly. Clinical studies have been shown to be safe with kidneys and does not cause unwanted effects.

Science diagram

6 Human Clinical Studies

Stop using food for energy and start using your fat storage!

Hit your target weight.

Eat the foods you love.

Take back control!

"I love that this is a natural product, and at the same time has an immediate, meaningful impact on my health. I’ve been taking the bottle with me and using them before meals, and while its only been a couple of weeks I do feel better - but will report back after a longer timeframe. Doesn’t upset my stomach, and just the thought that I’m cutting my sugar intake by nearly half is pretty exciting!" -CS


Here’s what real customers have to say about GluNOzymTM...

" I want to review this product because it is LIFE CHANGING!!! Our daughter has been on [...] a very rigid diet for years. Despite all her efforts her body struggles constantly with fluctuating insulin [blood glucose] which does not equal the best quality of life. This process for her has been going on for years and we have tried everything. And literally from the VERY first dosage she took her life improved immediately!!! Her body using this supplement no longer reacts poorly to the food she eats and needs for a healthy life, of course she is still making wise choices but despite all her good choices NOTHING before had ever worked for her until now. We will be a long time user of this product. " -DB

" GluNOzymTM allows me to eat reasonable amounts of carbs and sugars without the “crash” or weight gain. I feel confident knowing that GluNOzymTM has been clinically tested to do what it says it does. Also, being able to eat normal meals that include some carbs and/or sugars without the negative effects is a real positive. Lunch meals usually slow me down and make me tired and lethargic. After 3 weeks on GluNOzymTM I’m noticing a clear difference in my post-meal energy levels. The gummy format allows me for easy use too. I can always carry a few gummies in a bag with me when I eat out too. Natural ingredients is also a big plus. I would certainly recommend others to use it. " -AM

" I have been taking them for a few weeks and it looks like they are helping. I take them with my diabetic support vitamins. I hope these work as good as I expect them to. " -GF

" My wife and I always enjoy spending time on holiday in Spain, however, we always return to the UK a few pounds heavier and then have to start the annual diet. This year however was very different thanks to GluNOzymTM! Having looked at the science and had reports from friends about GluNOzymTM we decided we would try it out by taking a gummy before every meal - and we are very pleased we did. After 4 weeks we returned home amazed that we had not put on any weight at all! We have continued to take it since we returned home and seem to have new energy throughout the day. For us GluNOzymTM is perfect as it allows us to now enjoy our food without feeling guilty - or worrying about our weight too much. " -AJG

" I am 60, 6 foot tall and have weighed up to 110kgs and, frankly, have been overweight since I was a teenager. I then had a health scare when an updated life insurance policy was turned down and I decided to substantially change my life and my relationship with food. I immediately became pescatarian and upped my exercise regime and started taking GluNOzymTM and after several months have nearly reached my ideal weight. There’s not doubt in my mind that weight loss and maintenance is not attributable to one thing but a combination of disciplines. I love food but am much more careful about what I eat now. I exercise a lot and have recently started cold water swimming. Every meal is preceded by a GluNOzymTM gummy and that gives me the confidence and psychological strength to enjoy my food and not over-eat. " -JS

" Chicago Style Pizza is my “go to” food. Unfortunately, twenty years ago I had to stop eating it because I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The carbohydrates from just a single piece sent my blood sugar skyrocketing, until just a few months ago when my daughter gave me a GluNOzymTM sample. I shared the science behind this wonderful product with my doctor, and he gave me the thumbs up to try it. The results were amazing! I simply took one gummy 20 minutes before eating and I was able to eat a quarter of a large Chicago Style Pizza without a big blood sugar spike. It is unbelievable that GluNOzymTM can keep my blood sugar in check and is safe to work with my diabetic prescriptions. Along with the help from my Endocrinologist I am tracking the results of using GluNOzymTM with various types of food in the hope that I can reduce or eliminate the amount of my daily pharmaceuticals. I’ve also lost 12 pounds in the last 30 days and i’m eating like a normal person for the first time in years. " -DW

" I often feel guilty for having pasta for lunch - but then, I love pasta, so I eat it regularly - a friend suggested I try GluNOzymTM to reduce the drowsy feeling I get in the afterwards. I bought a bottle and I’m extremely pleased with the product. I just take a gummy a bit before lunch, eat my pasta, and I no longer feel like I have to take a nap in the afternoon. I feel better and I don’t need to sacrifice the carb heavy foods I love. " -JM

Buy Today and get GluNOzymTM for
$20 Per Bottle When You Buy 3!