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Who are we?

Ecofibre was born from Barry Lambert’s love for his two-year-old granddaughter Katelyn. Searching for a safe, gentle solution to help manage her Dravet’s Syndrome, he found full spectrum CBD extract from sustainably grown hemp. This started the Ecofibre mission to make hemp products that help people live healthier, more sustainable lives.

Barry Lambert and Granddaughter

Healing with Hemp

Hemp has historically played a significant role in feeding, clothing, and healing our world. From ancient civilizations in Asia, Africa, and Europe, hemp was prized for its ability to be used from pottery to edible oil. In the United States, colonial farmers grew hemp for rope, paper, cloth, and food. It is even rumored that a draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

Rich in fatty omega acids and with flowers producing cannabinoids, hemp has many elements to improve the health of skin and hair. Hemp oil is richly hydrating and quickly absorbed with a soft finish. Hemp also uses less water, cleans the soil in which it is grown, and helps sequester carbon from the air.

GIIG BioSoothing Massage Oil with candle and washclothes

Supporting Health and Wellness

Licensed Spa and Salon Professionals are trusted sources of information that play pivotal roles in their clients' lives, helping them look and feel their best. Ananda Professional, our source of full spectrum hemp extract, is already the preferred choice of pharmacists and medical professionals.

The Green II Gold Difference

Green II Gold is the first professional-grade, hemp-based CBD skincare line designed to support licensed professionals. We combine experts in their field with premium plant-based botanicals, going the extra mile to help licensed professionals and their clients.

Women in lab coat in hemp field

Innovation Meets Beauty

We blend the best of clinically proven ingredients and potent botanicals with food-grade full spectrum phytocannabinoids. As a result, Green II Gold products are effective, sustainable, and free of toxic chemicals and biotoxins. Third-party tested by ISO certified laboratories; you can feel secure knowing what is (and isn't) in every bottle.

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Luminescent Face Oil Product

Real Quality + Real Results

From seed to shelf to skin we control every part of the process to ensure premium quality and effectiveness. Don’t take our word for it – every product is third party tested and every bottle has a QR code so you can see those test results.

Taking Care of Your Skin

We are the trusted source for premium hemp-based CBD rich skincare. Green II Gold combines sustainably grown hemp with ethically sourced potent botanicals and clinically proven ingredients. We provide you with professional quality products to use at home and help support + improve the outcome of professional treatments.

30+ Safety and Purity Checkpoints

We have over 30 checks for quality and purity before our products go for third party testing where they are certified to be free of pesticides, micro toxins, and heavy metals.

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