Fast absorbing and residue free, this advanced serum utilizing the power of CBDermaPRO Complex with clinically-proven phytochemicals to restore the scalp's microbial balance. Hair appears thicker and denser with revitalized fullness and shine. Can be used on beards.

Ananda Professional Pharmaceutical Grade Product

Cultivating stronger, thicker and fuller hair

  • 12 week dermatologist reviewed clinical trail using ActivatoRX showed:
  • • 71% noted increase in hair fullness after 12 weeks
  • • 30% increase overall hair density
  • • 68% noted less sheading and hair fall
  • • Significant improvement in overall scalp health

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Alex Capano

Wellness tips from Dr Alex Capano

"We know that CBD is safe when added to Opioids, and not many things are. It can help people have a better quality of life if they’re living with chronic pain."

Dr. Alex Capano DNP, CRNP

Chief Science Officer