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2000mg Full Spectrum Tincture PM Blend - Cool Mint


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Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) are two prominent examples of 140+ cannabinoids that occur naturally in Cannabis and hemp. Cannabinoids influence the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors that regulate multiple homeostasis activities, including balancing the sleep/wake cycle.

This tincture contains active cannabinoids. Measure with precision using the included scored pipette, and enjoy personalized administration. Cannabinoids are frequently used to improve sleep quality.

CBN is considered to be the most sedating cannabinoid, promoting better quality sleep, helping people fall asleep AND stay asleep.

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30 (30mL)

From Seed to Shelf

Superior genetics, proprietary extract technology, carbon-neutral facilities, Kentucky-grown domestic hemp, in-house scientists, and a firm belief in the healing power of hemp are all part of our seed-to-shelf commitment to quality. Enjoy the benefits of the first and finest vertically integrated CBD Oil in the world.

True CBN

Ananda Professional has rigorous laboratory testing protocol to bring you the purest CBD. Enjoy knowing exactly what's in our products compared to other "full spectrum" brands.

Ananda Professional Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Ingestible 600mg
Ananda Professional Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Ingestible 600mg


Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Ananda Professional Full Spectrum Hemp Extract + CBN, Botanically Derived Terpene Blend

Mint: MCT Oil, Ananda Professional Full Spectrum Hemp Extract + CBN, Natural and/or Artificial Flavors

Suggested Use

For optimum results, take consistently, daily, about 30 minutes to a hour before bed. Store in a cool, dry place (does not require refrigeration). We suggest starting with one dropperful under the tongue. Monitor how you feel for a day or two at this dose. See our blog on How Much CBD to Take for more information.

Is the 600mg Tincture for me?

The 600mg full spectrum tincture is ideal for patients new to CBN.

Is the 1000mg Tincture for me?

Compared to our 600mg tincture, the 1000mg tincture contains almost double the amount of cannabinoids per bottle. This formulation is great for patients who are familiar with CBN, and have tried the 600mg tincture, but are ready to move to a higher strength.

Is the 2000mg Tincture for me?

Our 2000mg Tincture is formulated with a highly-potent cannabinoid + CBN complex, and is our second-largest tincture. It’s ideal for patients who take a higher milligram dose each night.