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GluNOzym Gummies Peach flavor - Blood Glucose Support


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Delivering Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

GluNOzym™, with Reducose® as its key ingredient, offers a natural way to lower your blood sugar after meals, which has numerous health benefits and helps with natural weight control.  Take one GluNOzym gummy prior to a meal and GluNOzym will deliver a lower and slower spike in blood glucose levels resulting in:

Natural Support For Blood Glucose and Weight Control

GluNOzymTM + Reducose® – your secret to balanced blood sugar and healthy weight! This innovative supplement works by blocking carb digestion, activating your body's natural "fullness" signal, and slowing down the release of sugars in your gut. With Reducose®, enjoy lower post-meal blood sugar, reduced cravings, and a boost in fat burning for a healthier, happier you!

GluNOzymTM + Reducose® prevents carbohydrate digestion in your gut, triggering the “ileal brake” that makes you feel full, reduces appetite, and slows down stomach emptying. It also provides a “second meal effect” by lowering the impact of subsequent meals on your blood sugar, supporting weight management and fat burning. Additionally, Reducose® reduces your body’s insulin response to carbs, helping control weight by preventing excess fat storage. GluNOzymTM + Reducose® can assist in maintaining a healthy weight and improving overall health by controlling blood sugar, curbing appetite, and encouraging fat burning.

Dosing Guide

Take one gummy prior to a meal. For additional dosing or guidance, please contact your pharmacist or provider.

How does GluNOzym Work?

Normally, sugars and starches are broken down into glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in a quick rise in blood glucose within the body.

GluNOzym + Reducose tricks enzyme receptors to help stop carbs, sugars, and starches from turning into blood glucose. It helps them pass through your gut without getting absorbed, so you don’t have to worry about them affecting your blood sugar levels.

Berberine vs. GluNOzym:

Berberine helps the body figure out and understand what to do with the glucose in your system. Typically seen in pill or capsule format, Berberine has the propensity to stain your teeth and mouth.

The weight control supplement GluNOzym, meanwhile, utilizes Reducose® – an extract of white mulberry leaf that is clinically tested – that blocks carbs and sugars from turning into blood glucose. In other words, GluNOzym helps you slow down the blood sugar crash, thereby ensuring that you feel fuller longer.